Wellhead Water Solutions

Our biocide is tested and effective. We keep testing – every step, every stage, every well – it’s part of the system.

Jacob Davis – CEO

Our History

Wellhead Water Solutions has been the technical expert in biocide frac fluid treatment since 2008 through advanced water remediation technology. We provide safe, reliable and effective treatment for hydraulic fracturing and well completions in the oil & gas industry across the United States. Based in Houston, TX, the company founder has a Ph.D. in Synthetic Organic Chemistry and spent several years studying and testing multiple chlorine dioxide (ClO2) applications in the early 2000s and achieving several patents. We thrive on innovation and efficiency – we were the first company to discover an economical process to produce chlorine dioxide on-demand.

Wellhead Water Solutions was built on the core values of Safety, Reliability, Dependability and Efficiency. We practice those values every day as we serve mid-size operators and completion companies, as well as large U.S. and Texas fracking companies that need our skilled assistance. Across the United States, we helping folks implement better water remediation technology into their drilling practices.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help operators save time and money, and ensure the safety of their employees. Our sales team is friendly and easily accessible to solve your issues. Our field techs are knowledgeable and dependable, which minimizes complications. Once the job is complete, our invoices are clear and concise – we eliminate any accounting surprises. Frac fluid treatment is one piece of a large operation, but from start to finish, you can depend on Wellhead Water Solutions.


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